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 Update Changelog 26.07.2011

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Update Changelog 26.07.2011 Empty
PostSubject: Update Changelog 26.07.2011   Update Changelog 26.07.2011 EmptyThu Jul 28, 2011 4:23 am

Changelog 26.07.2011


Augmentation Skill Bonuses have been changed to retail Stats.
Insane Crusher - Changed the buff canceling effect of the skill to return canceled effects after 30 seconds.
Decoy - Fixed a bug in "Decoy" Packet sent by the server to surrounding clients that made other chars inside the error Crit. out.
Party Recall - Made its reuse with static delay. (Not affected by buffs, specialy for the augment).
Combat Aura - Buff duration was changed to 2 hours.


Blessed Scroll of Resurrection - Casting time like normal Scrolls, just with XP Restorage.

Control Panel:

Changed the overall look to some more updated one.
Added Top Zaken to the respawn Information.


The Clanhall System has been updated and completely rewritten. Clanhalls will take payment as it should do normally now.
Auction System has been fixed and will not go in "-" time anymore. This will make selling/buying a Clanhall work like it should.


Fixed some serious bugs in balance between classes.
Fixed smaller bugs inside Skill Calculations.
Changed Karma Handling. Karma won't get down by killing 1-2 mobs.
Dropped Anakim Transformation's PvPDmg to 1%.


Olympiad have been completely rewritten and works now like on Retail!
Damage from reflects should be counted as Damage in Olympiad (Fixed)
Damage on Summons isn't counted on olympiad at all.
DOT's must be counted on olympiad as Damage. (Fixed)
New Stadiums got added.
Olympiad is now Instanced.


Fixed a bug in the Main/Sub change. After changing Sub to Main class, the wrong class was listed in Hero List after getting Hero.
Lowered casting time of .gotolove command.
Fixed several Bugs on Olympiad/Observ Code.
Fixed some minor Bugs in the Buffers Code.
Fixed several smaller things on Drophandling.
Fixed some Bugs in Grandboss AI.
Fixed some Bugs in Farming Area's AI Code.
Changed Bloody Karik/Berserker Mobs in Farming Area's LootControlled (Most DMG gets drop)

Added Automatic Paysafecard Donation (See Donation Tab in Control Panel).
Added Clanlevel / Clan rename to Donations (See Donation Tab).
Added some Augmentations to Donations (See Donation Tab). If your desired Augmentation is missing, please PM me!

Update Changelog 26.07.2011 Senius
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Update Changelog 26.07.2011
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